We offer Spine Treatment, Comprehensive Pain Management, Rehab, Acupuncture and Much More
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We offer Spine Treatment, Comprehensive Pain Management, Rehab, Acupuncture and Much More
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Minimally Invasive Surgery


What Is an Coflex Interlaminar Stabilization procedure? The Coflex Interlaminar Stabilization procedure is used to treat moderate to severe spinal stenosis. The Coflex device is a single-piece titanium implant that goes in the back of your spine to support and preserve your lumbar motion. This device is amazingly simple, very strong, and flexible enough to support […]

XLIF Procedure

What is Lateral Access Surgery? Lateral access is a safe and reproducible means of addressing certain spine disorders with an approach from the side of the patient, as opposed to an approach from the back (posterior) or the front (anterior). A lateral (side) approach is made safe with the use of nerve monitoring technology (NeuroVision […]

Spinous Process Plate

The CD HORIZON SPIRE Stabilization System is a low-profile spinous process plating solution that gives surgeons a minimally invasive surgical option for spinal fusion when combined with the CD HORIZON Spinal System. The CD HORIZON SPIRE Stabilization System is a fixation device, or plate, that may be attached to the spinous processes the bony projections […]

Scoliosis Minimally Invasive Approach

What is Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery and what are the advantages of this approach? The goal of scoliosis surgery is to both reduce the abnormal curve in the spine and to prevent it from progressing further and getting worse. To achieve this, a spinal fusion is performed to fuse the vertebrae, in the curve to […]

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Dr. Marshall Stauber is trained in the latest minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques for treatment of low back complaints, including the iFuse Implant System® from SI-BONE®, a medical device company pioneering MIS Sacroiliac (SI) joint treatment. The SI joint is a significant cause of low back pain. Publications and clinical research show the SI joint […]

Percutaneous Pedicle Screws and Rods

If your spinal condition has progressed to the point where it’s causing symptoms that have not responded to non-surgical therapies, your doctor may recommend spinal fusion to restore spinal stability. Using bone grafts and instrumentation, such as metal plates and screws, this procedure fuses, or creates a bond between, two adjacent vertebrae, ideally stabilizing the […]

Microscopic Discectomy

Discectomy refers to removal of the herniated part of the disc. The disc herniation can cause compression on the nerves, this causes pain, numbness, tingling and/or weakness down the leg. The surgery is designed to shave a little bone, possibly remove soft tissues and excise loose disc fragments.

Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Patients with a painful lumbar herniated disc. Microdiscectomy is a very common, if not the most common, surgery performed by spine surgeons. The operation consists of removing a portion of the intervertebral disc, the herniated or protruding portion that is compressed.

Cement Fixation

Spinal procedures in which bone cement is injected through a small hole in the skin into a fracture to try to relieve back pain caused by a vertebral compression fracture.

AxiaLIF by TranS1®

TranS1 is pioneering an innovative, trans-sacral approach to lumbar surgery. A percutaneous access and fusion system enables lumbar fusion to be performed with complete preservation of the annulus and all paraspinal soft tissue structures. TranS1 is also developing two mobility platforms: a disc replacement as well as a prosthetic disc nucleus, all delivered through this […]