We offer Spine Treatment, Comprehensive Pain Management, Rehab, Acupuncture and Much More
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We offer Spine Treatment, Comprehensive Pain Management, Rehab, Acupuncture and Much More
Call Us Today: (954) 272-BACK (2225)

Daniel A. Wasserman, DOM

Daniel A. Wasserman is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine at the Broward Spine Institute (BSI). He helps complete BSI’s comprehensive approach by providing many forms of Alternative/Complimentary medicine:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Manual Medicine

After years of being a marathoner and triathlete, Daniel Wassermans nutritional hobby became his profession when he received his degree in Dietetics/Nutrition from Florida International University. While working as a nutritional educator for the Miami-Dade Health Department, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on herbology at the Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare in South Florida.

Immediately, upon graduating, he was asked to establish an Oriental Medical department at the largest Medicare provider group in South Florida. Beginning as an experimental pilot program at some of the Humana-affiliated clinics that serve mostly low-income elderly, the potential was soon realized when he began seeing 50 patients per day. At the same time, he joined the staff of a local birthing center. Here, he was called upon to assist at all stages of pregnancy, from conception and beyond. He began to work in the private chronic pain clinic of the University of Miami Hurricanes chief physician. During this time, he continued to grow and amass priceless experience participating in an HIV clinic, as well as at traumatology centers. Continuing his interest in nutrition and other forms of natural healthcare, he began to integrate other forms of complementary medicine into the Chinese model of optimal health and disease prevention. Functional medicine, homeopathy, osteopathic techniques and acupoint injection therapy are some of the modalities utilized to achieve the Chinese medical concept of a balanced internal landscape.

Fort Lauderdale Medicine Doctor

Being a fourth generation educator, teaching is in Dr. Wasserman’s blood. He has taught courses at local Chinese programs including the Chinese Medicine Institute and the Southeast Institute of Oriental Medicine. His reputation for teaching has steadily grown as manifested in numerous speaking engagements at universities including University of Miami School of medicine, Florida International University School of Nursing, and Barry University School of Podiatry. For many years, he has provided continuing education for his profession. He is now focused on designing practical protocols for Integrative Chinese Medicine, which synergizes various modalities that fall under his scope of practice. He maintains a busy private practice in Hollywood where he practices Integrative Oriental Medicine.

The aims of his treatments are to balance the patient’s physiology in the least invasive method possible.