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Spinous Process Plate

Fort Lauderdale Spine Center

The CD HORIZON SPIRE Stabilization System is a low-profile spinous process plating solution that gives surgeons a minimally invasive surgical option for spinal fusion when combined with the CD HORIZON Spinal System. The CD HORIZON SPIRE Stabilization System is a fixation device, or plate, that may be attached to the spinous processes the bony projections you can feel through the skin of your back of the vertebrae to be treated, providing the potential for spinal stability through a less-invasive surgical approach. The CD HORIZON SPIRE System is utilized in addition to pedicle screws.

Minimally invasive spine surgery is different from traditional, “open” spine surgery in that the open approach involves making a long incision down the back, stripping large bands of muscle away from the spine and then retracting, or pulling to each side, the surrounding muscles so the surgeon can get a clear view of the vertebrae of the spine to be treated.

Minimally invasive spine surgery involves a small incision or incisions, minimal soft tissue disruption and the use of microsurgical and image guidance technologies to access, view and repair spinal deterioration or damage.

During surgery with the CD HORIZON SPIRE Stabilization System, your surgeon will first make a small incision over the vertebra(e) to be treated. He or she will then attach the CD HORIZON SPIRE Spinous Process Plate to the spinous processes and tighten with a small screw. In some cases the surgeon may perform the CD HORIZON SPIRE System implantation through the same incision used to implant the pedicle screws and rods; in other cases your surgeon may choose to make a separate incision. Once the procedure is complete, the incisions will be closed with stitches.