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Spine Bone Graft

AxiaLIF by TranS1®

TranS1 is pioneering an innovative, trans-sacral approach to lumbar surgery. A percutaneous access and fusion system enables lumbar fusion to be performed with complete preservation of the annulus and all paraspinal soft tissue structures. TranS1 is also developing two mobility platforms: a disc replacement as well as a prosthetic disc nucleus, all delivered through this percutaneous, trans-sacral approach.

Access  The Key to Least Invasive Surgery

AxiaLIF pre-sacral access to the lumbar spine is a safe, reproducible approach which allows for the least invasive access to the L4-5 and L5-S1 vertebral bodies. Novel approaches and minimally invasive access opened doors by expanding the use of visualization and fluoroscopy to achieve superior results with significantly less morbidity.

  • The Seldinger Approach to the femoral artery further advanced cardiac catheterization and introduced percutaneous access for catheters
  • Laparoscopic Access proved beneficial to surgeons by allowing a minimally invasive procedure and access to the abdomen
  • Arthroscopic Access to the knee, shoulder and ankle challenged the way surgeons traditionally approached orthopedic joint repair, reconstruction and the repair of important soft tissue structures

These procedures made minimally invasive surgery more beneficial to the patient and surgeon by challenging conventions of the traditional, more invasive surgical approaches.

Miami Bone Graft Surgery

Now, with the Soft-Tissue Preservation and least invasive access of AxiaLIF, TranS1 is transforming lumbar fusion into a safe, reproducible opportunity for early ambulation, shorter length of stay and rapid return to normal activities of daily living.

For more information, please visit the website http://www.trans1.com/